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Our Story

TOXIC FREE MARKET® was founded by James Uberti, a health and wellness author and environmental toxins expert who has devoted his life to this cause. For the past 10 years, he has studied and authored anti-aging and weight loss books and articles, with topics ranging from obesogens, reversing the aging process and creator of the Toxic Free Diet. He is a fitness enthusiast, triathlete and nutritionist. One day, he discovered that the "organic and non-toxic" personal care and household cleaning products he was using, still included known harmful ingredients despite the label saying it was organic or non-toxic. How could this be, he thought? What was the point of spending time searching for a healthier alternative, often paying more, and still being exposed to hormone disrupting, fat fertilizing obesogenic and cancer causing toxic chemicals?  







This was the passion behind launching the first non-toxic certified marketplace. The mission of the company is to educate consumers on the loophole where manufacturers can legally label their personal care, cosmetics and household cleaning products as "organic" "natural" and "non-toxic" even though they're still filled with cheap toxic chemical fillers and harmful ingredients. Companies do this to increase their profits. The problem is no agency or organization today verifies or regulates the labeling of personal care products other than the companies manufacturing or marketing the product itself. Toxic Free Market was launched to provide consumers with a trusted marketplace where all the products we offer are verified 100% non-toxic. From personal care to pet care and everything in between, our promise is to only offer products that are free from toxic chemicals or harmful ingredients.